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In Consideration of those folks who live too far to come and meet us, I've asked a couple of my puppy people to write a bit about their experience with their Aladdin Australian Labradoodle Puppies and myself, their breeder, in the hopes their words will help to alleviate any misgivings.
I'd like to extend a warm Thank you to these people who have given so generously!


Subject: Daisy

Date: January 1st, 2014

Dear Julia,

Firstly, here’s wishing you and your family a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

I have to give you an update on my lovable Daisy. She has captured my heart. I have had many puppies in my life, but none stole my heart like Daisy. She is a “love-bug”. She is full of kisses and gives kisses all the time. She loves people and people love her. We went to Petco today and everybody stopped to admire her. They had their own dogs but they all wanted to take Daisy home. Her loving personality and her beautiful soft and fluffy brown and parchment coat held everyone in awe.

Christmas eve we went to my son’s house for dinner. Daisy was the center of attraction. She was busy loving everybody and especially my grandchildren who are 6 and 8 years of age. They love playing with her as she does loving playing with them. All the family from young to old couldn’t take their eyes off Daisy.

I want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy. She keeps me smiling all the time. She sleeps in bed with me and licks my face if she has to go potty. She is so smart. Too bad that we are on opposite coasts. I would love to meet the person who raised this little girl up to the age of 9 weeks old. Julia, you did a FANTASTIC job.

I want to thank you so much for this loving little dog.

My best regards,


Subject: Bella

Date: February 9, 2013

Dear Julia,

I’m writing to give you an update on our charming “Bella” on her 8th month birthday. Bella has blossomed into an extraordinary teen pup. She has entered our life bringing such joy and entertainment, as well as sweet love, companionship, and amazing intelligence. From her arrival, at 9 weeks old she has made herself at home, worked her way into all of our hearts (including our twelve year old senior citizen shih tzu- Songi), and has never even gone to the bathroom in the house. In fact she has much more discipline in that department then Songi. About two months ago I happened to see Bella taking Songi by the ear and dragging her out the back door where Songi proceeded to pee. Thinking this was accidental Bella has since repeated this procedure on several more occasions. Now, however, Songi (tired of being dragged out the door) is now barking to be let out! Who said an old dog can’t learn new tricks? Of course Bella was the teacher in this case!

I’ll keep you posted on Bella’s progress. It is clear that her nurturing nature, luminous soft and wavy apricot coat, and intuitive attentiveness to her environment will make her a great mother. Thank you again for being responsible for this priceless addition to our active life. Bella loves our daily walks, meeting new people and pups, playing with children, hanging with the elderly, and participating in all our family gatherings. As you can tell we are just smitten with our lil’ Bella.

Warmest Wishes, Marilyn and Joe - Seattle, Wa

Subject: Thank you for Sammy

Date: Thu, 8 Oct 2009

Dear Julia,

I've been meaning to write for some time now. I just want you to know that our little Sammy is the most amazing dog I've ever encountered. We have had him with us for 6 months now and he is just unbelievable. He is adorable, smart, patient, friendly and so very well loved. I grew up with high energy labs and retrievers and always dreamed of having a dog that was a companion - more of a friend than an obligation. Sammy and I are fabulous buddies and the kids play with him and walk him and cozy up on his bed with him. Even my husband, who was the most reluctant is totally enamored and talks to the dog constantly.

He was house broken with almost no effort. We took a puppy obedience class, but he was already doing everything they taught. I can let him off leash with the other dogs at the school and he plays so nicely and comes when called. He is pretty reliable off leash around the neighborhood and understands an amazing number of phrase

Really this dog constantly astounds me.

He is so good with our bunnies - as long as they are not running! We are still working on that, but I've no doubt we'll get there

The heavens must have aligned on the day that I called you and you told me that you had one little boy left. He was truly meant for our family. I couldn't have asked for a better dog for my children to grow up with.

He is a great little advertisement for Aladdin Australian Labradoodles, everyone asks where I got him and I send them to your web site. Thanks for working with us and waiting for us to decide if it was a good time for us to have a dog - it was!

I hope you and your family are doing well and you have continued success in breeding these amazing little companions.

Warmest regards from (Withheld by request), Carrie Jeffries

June 18, 2009

Dear Julia,

My how time as flown by! Luci is just over 6 months old and we cannot tell you how many times per day we look at her and comment how wonderful she is and how lucky we were to find Aladdin Labradoodles. It's really a family affair with yourself and Gordon and even your wonderful granddaughter, and the dogs also show just how wonderful this experience is. We never expected to fall in love so quickly! Our experience of searching for breeders and trying to figure out exactly what size Labradoodle we desired was limited. What set you apart were not only your gorgeous and friendly dogs, but your knowledge and caring as to where the puppies were raised. In addition, Luci has the wonderful red color of Maya and Scully that we simply adore and did not find anywhere else.

Working with you through the waiting period was such a treat. Getting your regular updates and allowing us to visit prior to Luci joining our family made us so comfortable with our decision. I remember being concerned about our upcoming home purchase and impending move within 10 days after picking up our puppy. You were so right in educating us on how she would adjust to us and not our home.

Luci immediately showed her ability to please as the 2 hour drive home she sat with such poise in our arms. The first night she barely whimpered and with one correction was fast asleep. By the second evening she went right into the crate and continued to sleep with the door closed for the first 4 months without an incident. She bell trained to go outside very quickly and just about a month ago we trained her to ring another bell to come inside.

At just over, 3 months she actually got her flight wings and no one on both flights (Transfer x 2 ) ever knew our Luci was at my feet. We took her on skiing trips where she stayed in her crate anxiously awaiting the romp in the snow. She regularly goes on long road trips and even makes appearances in our local wine valleys. We have now left her at home for up to four hours and she has never shown the least bit of distress.

At puppy school she was a hit as she had mastered sit by 3 weeks in our home and socialized well enough to be with the timid mild mannered or the rambunctious as she can run REALLY fast. You know you made the right choice in a puppy when other owners of puppies can't stay away from yours. We must add 30 minutes to every excursion, whether it is a walk or a trip to the store, as she gains so much attention.

Julia, you were right, she is a very smart dog and has not challenged us with the hard things like Crate training, Leash training or coming to give me something she shouldn't have though she does have a personality and will at times show she is not happy with her huffs (large exhalations), the grunting and when she flops down like she is a big dog just bothered by life.

As I am sure you can tell we are enamored by our wonderful addition to our home. Words cannot explain how happy we are with this breed and her appearance, nature, and her love to just please us with her playfulness and kindness. Everyday is like the first with our Luci!! Thank you Julia, you're the best!

Tony, Chris & Luci
Seattle, Wa.

August 24, 2008

After Years of longing for a dog, I finally got myself in a position to adopt. But what kind of dog ? After months of pondering and research, a chance Encounter with a handsome chocolate Australian Labradoodle led me to the Aladdin Australian Labradoodles website. I emailed Julia, who invited me up to meet Her and the dogs. She is amazingly warm and gracious, with a generous heart and joyful laugh. Her home is filled with dogs and love and I was quickly convinced I'd chosen the right breeder. But now what color to get? Over the next few months , Julia helped me choose my sturdy little caramel Sudsie girl, a wonderful companion and walking buddy, a playful little Love bug who makes me laugh everyday. If you are interested in these Incredible dogs, I recommend you contact Julia and get in line for the Puppy of your dreams.

Rae Ellen Lee

(and Sudsie too)

Dear Julia,

The story behind our getting our dog Roxy is kind of typical. We moved out of state and bribed our son with a promise of getting a dog. Even though we made that promise, I was hesitant because I didn't want a dog that would shed all over the house and cause me more housework, I didn't want a dog that would chew all my furniture and dig holes in the yard, and I didn't think I wanted the responsibility of a dog....but kids always remember what you promise! I knew that it would be extra important for me to pick the right breed that would be a fit for our family. We found that fit when we met one of our neighbor's Australian Labradoodles named Daisy. The Belton family informed us all about the great characteristics of the breed such as no shedding, smart, no "dog smell", playful yet still seemed too good to be true. They also gave us their breeder's name and phone number and I was able to talk to Julia at Aladdin Australian Labradoodles and let her know exactly what I was looking for in a dog.

Julia picked out the absolute best dog for our family! We have had Roxy for almost 3 years now and she is such a HUGE part of our family life. I can't even imagine what life would be like without her. Roxy is so smart....she does all sorts of tricks. She aims to please! She is a mellow dog who likes to follow me around the house...yet she also is playful and always ready for a walk or a game of ball in the backyard. When we go out, people are always stopping to ask what kind of a dog she is because she is so cute! We have also had two different friends meet Roxy and then go on to get labradoodles from Aladdin Labradoodles. It has been a delight to introduce them to the breed and know that I can trust Julia at Aladdin Labradoodles to help my friends get the dog of their dreams! If you want the absolute best dog, get an Australian Labradoodle from Aladdin Labradoodles! Sincerely,

Teri, Bob, Courtney, Blake (& Roxy) Fulton

Gig Harbor, WA

Dear Julia,

I write to you with complete heartfelt enthusiasm and gratitude. Our beautiful Chocolate Labradoodle, "Cody-Bear" is now a little more than 18 months old. From the very moment we welcomed him into our family, we have felt an abundance of love, affection, humor and joy in our home. We have never doubted our decision of adopting an Australian Labradoodle - because quite frankly this is the PERFECT breed. These dogs literally do not shed, bark, dig, chew up the house or become unmanageable sizes, all things I had lived my life believing came with dog ownership until met you. We get so much attention from people who see Cody and most often they just have to touch him. Cody is a social boy who loves to be with us and who is so smart. He is the easiest fella to train. He made a smashing debut at puppy class having learned 6 tricks in a very short amount of time! No matter where we are, we'll likely find him right beneath us, as he loves to be included in all we do. He enjoys the car, the boat, walks, and play dates. Never in a million years did I think I would actually plan our family vacations around places who welcome pets. We hate to leave him home. We were on your wait list to adopt Cody and so this gave us the opportunity to create that list of "Dog House Rules". You know the ones .. "no dogs on the bed", "no dogs on the furniture", "no feeding the dog at the table", etc. Well, let me tell you -- Cody melted our hearts and we find ourselves breaking all those rules because these dogs are too cute and too sweet to enforce rules upon. Rules for dogs cannot apply to Australian Labradoodles. Cody is never naughty. To this day, we feel such thankfulness to you, as you are a breeder who is wonderful at what you do. We so appreciate that you always have time to answer our questions. We fully believe you filled our puppy "order" to perfection. Theres no doubt that it takes a special, dedicated breeder to be as good at their job as you are Julia! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for our sweet Cody Bear!


The Harrison Family in Gig Harbor, WA

Jeff, Kim, Sarah, Lauren and Alex

Dear Julia,

Adopting out little Abby was the best choice ever. She is about 9 months old now and a dream. I have two young sons and it is hilarious to hear the names she gets called. Abolicious, Abalonie, Abbster, Abby Girls, Gorgeous (by my 4 year old). She is the perfect size, perfect coat, in perfect health, and the perfect temperament.

I get stopped on every walk asking what she is and where did I get her. It is a joke in my family that anyone with me will say it is famous Abby I'll just meet you two at home.

To anyone venturing into the land of the Australian Multigen Labradoodle, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to work with a really experienced and compassionate breeder. My journey to get Abby took about a 1 years. I didn't rush. There was a lot to learn about this amazing breed.

The funny thing about it is that I ended up right where I started, with Julia at Aladdin. In the beginning, I didn't want a 'miniature' sized Labradoodle I had a idea in my head of what a miniature dog is and with two boys I wanted a pet that wouldn't be underfoot. After visiting Julia and seeing the size, personality, and coats of her dogs, I realized they are perfect. Abby's back comes to my knee. Her frame is very light, she is tall and her coat is amazingly light and fluffy.

I was Julia's most nervous customer, I'm sure. At one point she even said 'I'm not sure if you are ready for a dog', which I really respected. To be honest I wasn't. We are an active family with two young boys and I needed a dog that would be a part of our family but not an overwhelming presence. Julia did the perfect job of choosing our puppy. We came to meet the litter and she steered us towards a pup, who at the time I thought would be to small'.but oh, the personality is perfect and that is what really matters. Abby will play if you want to but when the boys are done or if I tell her to stop, she will stop. She will lay around all day if you need her two. She hasn't damaged anything in the house. She is crate trained, rings a bell to go potty, will travel well with us, gets along great with other dogs, and doesn't shed or smell! :)

I told Julia I needed a dog who would be my best friend, follow me around, want to snuggle, and just be a quiet little thing at my feet'and that is exactly what I got. She is definitely bonded with me and follows me everywhere. When I call for her, most of the time she is right behind me. When you lean down to pet her she just rolls her little body into your legs. And the funny thing is that she will hug you with her paws. She loves to be cradled like a baby and will gaze at you and wrap her front legs around your arm'.And then don't even ask about nap time.

All this being said, I am really not a dog person. But like my husband said 'Abby isn't a dog'. We are still perplexed.

Thank you Julia for being so patient with me, for the time you spent on the phone explaining and re-explaining, for letting us visit your wonderful puppies and letting us be a part of the loving environment that they are brought into this world in.


December 1, 2008

Hello Julia,

I have been meaning to send you a Robie update for some time now and thank you again for allowing us to have this dear little fellow in our lives. Robie is an extraordinary puppy and we are thankful every day to have him with us. He is definately part of the family. Robie has gone through puppy class and private lessons. The trainers love him and are so impressed by his intelligence. He is definately intelligent! I bought him a toy to stuff with treats to keep him busy when we have to leave him at home alone. He soon figured out that he could wait until I came home, and then bounce the toy down the stairs and extract all treats at the same time. In addition, he has learned that he is not to touch my books and so now has started deftly pulling my bookmarks out when I am not paying close attention. He thinks it's great fun to watch me try to find the my place again :)

Robie has become our hiking and camping companion. He loves to travel and explore new places with us. He has even gone snowshoeing! He LOVES water. Chasing sprinklers is his favorite treat after a training session in the summer. He sticks his face point blank in the sprinkler as close to the sprinkler head as he can get and then runs around chasing the water for as long as we will let him. He even adores being bathed! He just doesn't like the drying bit afterward:) His favorite toy is a stuff monkey named Art. Robie sleeps with him, plays with him, travels with him. He is currently on Art the 2nd. Art the 3rd and 4th are in the closet waiting their turn. We buy one and stockpile it whenever we find one.

Robie fell ill about 6 weeks ago. While he is back to himself, it took several veternary visits (including two er visits) to figure out what was wrong and how to treat him. Even the ER vets loved him. The only reason the nurses had any problem getting his vital signs was because he wouldn't stop kissing them. When we took him to his regular vet following an ER visit, the vet had to take blood from an artery in Robie's neck. Robie wagged his tail the entire time. When the vet left the room, Robie sat at the door and whined until the vet returned. Robie didn't want out, he just wanted the doctor to come back!

This summer we visited my mother in the Bellingham area several times. I hope that half of the people who asked us for your name have contacted you. Robie had his picture taken, received hugs, and was a great ambassador for Aladdin Labradoodles.

My husband adores Robie and they have become fast friends. During Robie's illness it was wonderful to watch my husband comfort him. Robie fits perfectly in the crook of my husband's arm and is often content to lean against my husband's chest with his head on his shoulder.

We've started talking about getting Robie a little sister. As one person told us in Bellingham, Australian Labradoodles are just like potatoes chips. It's difficult to have just one:) I think we're addicted. ... I've attached two pictures. One is of Robie on a recent hiking trip. The other is of Robie on a snowshoeing trip. His paws were icing up, so Dan put him in his backpack.

I hope you are well and all of your furry family is happy and enjoying life.


Kelly Burns

Dear Julia,

I'm writing to Thank you for our two wonderful dogs. I've been a dog lover all of my life - yet the Australian Labradoodle is something special, it is truly an improved breed of dog.

First of all, the Australian Labradoodle is a real dog, not a wolf or a creature designed to hunt Rhinoceros. Nor is it a yappy ankle biter.

A labradoodle is the most human orientated dog, I have ever experienced, Very attentive to emotions, they are wonderful companions. They don't drool, shed, Or jump all over you but they are loyal to a degree, I've never seen before. Extremely Smart, easy to train and naturally friendly and gentle.

I swear they have a sense of humor and a reservoir of love that's always full. Our two dogs have never required a fence or a leash .

So Thanks Again, for the joy and entertainment of our truly delightful Pair of critters --------our second batch of kids .

Brad & Dianna Hrutfjord

Indy Saves The Day

I received a call one morning, in December 2005, from a person that had purchased a puppy from me. She asked if I could guess what had just happened that morning at 3-4am? Then went on to tell me, apparently her Australian Labradoodle "Aladdin's Indigo" had just saved her life and she was eternally grateful. She had been broken into at four in the morning and Indy, her beloved dog that slept on their bed, stood up and began barking. She told Indy to lay down and be quiet! Indy obeyed for a very short time and got up and began barking again. Now, concerned, she got up and opened her bedroom door, Indy flew down the stairs, barking like a maniac and chased the intruder out the door. She was following as fast as she could, undoubtedly, frightened for her family and her dog. Indy came right back and would not leave her side. When the police came, Indy wouldn't let them near her.

She had to keep telling Indy that these policemen were OK.

No-one was hurt, thankfully due to their Indy, nor was anything taken, apparently Indy had spooked the intruder almost immediately.

After the fact (2 months) I spoke with my puppy buyers and they told me they were OK, but Indy was quite shaken and jumpy, so they were going to seek help for him as best they could. They absolutely adore him and he absolutely adores them, and as his breeder, I am so grateful to them for giving Indy such a love filled home and taking such wonderful care of their Australian Labradoodle.

Indy's folks had mused about what Indy would do if they were ever threatened, funny thing is ... they thought he would lick an intruder and welcome him into their home ... quite the contrary!

Indy was born June 4th 2004. He is a black miniature Australian Labradoodle male. Indy is out of Primetime's Alexandra + Canadoodle Primetimes Cimmaron and was bred by Julia W Wilson of Aladdin Labradoodles.








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